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  • Jewish Life TV (JLTV) is dedicated to the development and distribution of high-quality Jewish-themed content that communicates the culture, history, tradition and values of the Jewish people to diverse audiences across America and around the world.


  • Today, Americans can watch over 50 religious, cultural and ethnic networks in America, but until now, these same viewers have never been offered an outlet for high quality Jewish media. JLTV fills this void and provides a voice for Jewish communities around the world.


  • JLTV strives to bring the positive nature of Jewish culture into cities with no Jewish community infrastructure.


  • JLTV is America’s first 24/7 Jewish television channel, launched in December 2006 and transmits to its affiliates across the United States on Galaxy 23 – the same satellite that distributes ESPN, MTV and Showtime.


  • JLTV is also currently available in more than 45 million households and online in 127 countries.





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